What is minimum premium workers’ comp?

A minimum premium policy is basically the bare bones of a traditional workers’ comp policy. This type of insurance is also known informally as a workers’ comp ghost policy.

The price of workers’ comp coverage is based on payroll. Minimum premium policies provide no coverage, so it’s the ‘minimum’ price you can possibly pay before factoring any payroll into the price. The minimum premium is based on the lowest rate for your profession per state.

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Save money with Solo X

Solo X is a minimum premium workers’ comp policy combined with a 24 hour Accident Policy, and it’s one of the most affordable ways for one-person businesses to purchase a workers’ compensation policy. Need a Certificate of Insurance but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg? Solo X is cheaper than most state assigned risk plans.

What makes it inexpensive?

The owner is excluded from workers’ compensation coverage. That’s why this program is great for those who are required to show a Certificate of Insurance for a job, but who don’t want to pay the additional premium for extra protection.


We provide quick quotes so you can know what you’re working with as soon as possible.

Immediate coverage

When applying for a minimum premium workers’ comp policy, you typically have to wait a few days to see if your application is approved by the insurance carrier. We provide immediate coverage so you don’t have to wait.

Helps you get hired

Many hiring parties require those working for them to have their own insurance. But not everyone has the capital to pay for expensive insurance coverage. Solo X provides you with proof of insurance without breaking the bank, so you can get to work faster.

Assigned Risk Plan vs Solo X

Before our program, businesses with no employees looking for workers’ comp insurance would have to resort to the Assigned Risk Plan, because many large insurance carriers would turn away such small businesses. However, our program offers better prices and greater reliability.

Why Solo X is better than the Assigned Risk Plan

Greater stability

Using the Assigned Risk Plan is a hassle for several reasons. There is no stability with their insurance providers. If you were to purchase insurance with them, you and your agent would have to rewrite your insurance policy every two to three years due to carrier turnover. The relationships with our insurance providers are strong, giving you the security you need.

Less hassle

Unlike the Assigned Risk Plan, Solo X does not require a mid-term audit. This is a nice perk, because mid-term audits can be a flat-out hassle. Our product only requires a yearly online audit so you can save your time, money, and energy focusing on work–not unnecessary audits.

More coverage

Minimum premium policies exclude the owner from workers’ comp coverage. But with our program, that doesn’t mean you’ll be without protection. Solo X includes an accident policy with 24-hour accident protection. That means you will have some security if something happens on the job.

Who is this program for?

Solo X is for sole proprietors and other one person businesses with no employees, but not all classes of business are eligible.

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