I’m trying to get hired, but they say I need a Certificate of Insurance.

The bigger the jobs you take, the more insurance coverage employers will want you to have. A Certificate of Insurance (or COI) is a piece of paper containing all of the details of your insurance policy. It basically serves as your proof of insurance coverage.

A Certificate of Insurance includes specific details about your coverage, such as:

  • The type of coverage
  • The policy number
  • The name of the insurance company
  • The name of the insured (you)
  • The dates the policy is in effect
  • The policy limits (how much coverage you have)
  • Any additional insureds (additional people you’re covering)

Why do I need a Certificate of Insurance?

Many clients will ask for a copy of your COI before they sign a contract with you.

Clients or third parties will require you to provide a COI because they want you to have your own insurance coverage. That way, they won’t be held liable if something happens as a result of you working for them.

A COI’s function isn’t only to provide insurance protection.

It can also help you win over bigger clients or bigger contracts. It shows that you are professional and invested– and have your bases covered.

Who is the certificate holder?

The certificate holder is the person or persons who are requiring proof of insurance. Clients ask to be named as a certificate holder so that they will be notified if the policy is cancelled.

How can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

To get a Certificate of Insurance, you buy an insurance policy. After you buy the policy, the insurance company can give you proof of coverage in the form of a COI.

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