The basics


1. Guaranteed compensation for a loss, illness, or death in return for a premium (payment).
2. Protection against possible events or outcomes.

Essentially, insurance protects you against the potential cost of risks – such as accidents, professional errors, or unhappy clients.

Every business is different.

That’s why our insurance experts customize plans to help protect businesses from the specific risks they may face.

We work with the best and largest insurance companies nationwide to make sure you get the right coverage. And we’ll make sure that coverage comes at the right price. Get a quote, and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

How does business insurance work exactly?

Business insurance is pretty simple in theory – it’s a contract between a business and an insurance company. The business pays the insurance company a small amount each year for an insurance policy. In return, the insurance company promises to pick up the bill if something bad happens.

It may not sound great to make monthly payments for something that may never happen. However, making small, controlled payments is much better than footing an entire bill all at once if something bad happens. Harsh as it may sound, that’s what puts a lot of people out of business.

Insurance companies design specific policies for the different types of “risks” that businesses face.

So basically, there’s no one-size-fits-all policy. That’s a good thing though, because if there was one giant policy, almost no one would be able to afford it. Instead, an insurance agent can help you determine which risks you face in order to customize a policy that’s right for you.

What if I run my business from home?

You should still get business insurance if you work from home.

Read about home business insurance here.

Of civil lawsuits target small businesses each year.

What can you cover with business insurance?


Clients are people, too, and sometimes people get upset. If they get upset with you because of the way a project turned out, it’s good to have professional liability insurance in case that unhappy client sues.


You can get an insurance policy that helps employees, too. Workers’ compensation can cover the cost of an employee getting hurt or sick on the job. Is it just us, or does having someone else (like an insurance company) pay for a medical claim sound better than paying it yourself?


A fire or a bad storm could ruin all the things in your office that help you do business. Luckily, there’s property insurance you can get for that. And if your equipment gets damaged while it’s away from your office, well, there’s something called an inland marine policy for that, too.


If your company owns vehicles, there’s always the possibility of an accident – which can be pretty expensive without insurance. You might be thinking: “No worries, I’ve got personal auto insurance, I’m good.”

Fact check: Personal auto policies usually don’t cover work-related accidents, so if you’re meeting a client for lunch and something happens, you won’t be covered. That’s what makes business auto insurance important.

The cost

How much is business insurance?

The cost of business insurance depends on a lot of factors, like your industry, occupation, and the kinds of things you’re looking to protect. The price also depends on the size of your business. A consultant or freelancer might only pay around $500 a year, while a large corporation might need to pay $500,000. (Take a look at our detailed business insurance cost analysis to learn more.

In either case, we can help you find the most affordable insurance by comparing over 30 top insurers, for free. Get a free estimate to see exactly how much business insurance will cost for your business.

Is business insurance tax deductible?

Yep! You can deduct the cost of business insurance as long as it’s for the purposes of operating your business. (Hence the name, “business insurance”). Pretty sweet, huh?

We can save you money.

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Types of Business Insurance