Auto Shop Workers’ Comp

Auto garages can be full of a number of hazards because they’re filled with heavy equipment, moving vehicles and dangerous tools. You’re exposed to sharp pieces of equipment, high levels of heat, and oil slicks on the floor. Because the job is so physical, you and your employees are at risk each day. You can get hurt lifting heavy parts, working with hot metal or chemicals, and slipping or falling. Any of these things could lead to a major (and costly) accident. That’s what makes auto shop workers’ comp such an important coverage– to protect you, your employees, and your business.

Benefits include:

  • Medical costs incurred due to getting hurt or sick on the job
  • Employers liability coverage, should an employee file a lawsuit
  • Return to work and recovery services
  • Reimbursement for lost wages

Medical bills are not fun, especially when you have to pay them out of pocket. But workers’ comp will cover the related bills if you or an employee gets hurt on the job.

Most states require you go get workers’ comp coverage if you have employees. But even if you run solo, you might want to have a policy anyway.

Auto Repair Shop Workers’ Comp Plans

Looking for affordable workers’ comp? We have three awesome We offer affordable workers’ comp options. Here are a few workers’ comp options we offer.

  • Solo X: Great for mechanics who are one-person businesses with no employees. It’s a “minimum premium” policy, also known as a ghost policy. It provides a Certificate of Insurance, but excludes the owner from coverage. That’s what makes it one of the most affordable workers’ comp policies on the market. It’s less expensive than most. But it also includes a bonus accident policy with 24-hour accident coverage. Need to get hired quickly? Solo X also provides immediate coverage. Another great benefit of this program is that there are no mid-term audits, which saves you time, money, and headaches. Apply Now
  • Solo I: Also good for mechanics and technicians with no employees. However, the owner chooses to get coverage. It’s unique because most insurance carriers will not provide an owner with coverage if they have no employees. With this program, not only do you get workers’ comp protection, you’re also eligible for an optional accident policy. There are no mid-term audits on this policy either, which will save you quite a bit of hassle. Pay plans are available if you need them — but don’t worry, you won’t break the bank, because our rates are very competitive.
  • Plus: Good for bigger shops and garages. Plus provides flexible workers’ comp for auto repair shops with employees. Owners have the option to include or exclude themselves from coverage. Access to increased limits of liability, waivers of subrogation, and an accident policy are all available. Pay plans are available if you are interested.

If you have employees, your rate will be a bit higher. But work with the top national workers’ comp companies that specialize in working with auto shops. Therefore, we guarantee you’re getting a good deal.

Learn more about automotive repair shop insurance costs.

Auto Repair Class Codes

There are class codes for auto body shops, auto repair shops, brake shops, muffler shops, auto salvage, oil change and lube centers, mechanics, mobile glass repair, mobile car washes, tire dealers, and car detailing.

Here are a few example codes:

  • 8380 — Automotive Service or Repair Center This class code is a broad classification and usually means service stations and gas stations that perform repair and service work. That means batteries, tires, oil changes, transmission work, tune-ups, and much more. It can also include specialty shops like muffler and brake repair. It can also cover employees working for auto dealers (new or used) and includes parts, mechanics, and service writers. Other types of auto shops can include car washes, glass replacement, tire dealers and window tinting.
  • 8933 –- Auto Body Repair Shops This code applies to body repair of automobiles using fiberglass, metal and plastics. It also includes painting, upholstering and dent repair. (Painting only is typically under 9505 – Auto Painting.)
  • 3632 –- Automotive Machine Shop This code covers the manufacturing, fabrication, and re-building while not attached to any vehicle. That could mean the repair of motors and engines.

Keep in mind that some states also have different class codes than what is provided by NCCI.

Ways to Save on Workers’ Comp

We are committed to making it as easy as possible for auto service shops to save on workers’ comp. To help you save money, we’ve partnered with insurance companies that specialize in workers’ comp for auto repair shops. And we have more than one way to save you money.

Sometimes auto repair shops pay too much for workers’ comp because their agent doesn’t have access to the cheapest insurance companies. We can help you get the best rates.

Workers’ Comp Dividend Program

Dividend programs reward businesses who have had success controlling losses by paying them a dividend at the end of their policy period. We have a group dividend program for auto body shops and auto service technicians. Our program is different because we offer a 5% up-front discount on your policy, as well. Clients love that.

You may also be eligible for a cash dividend at the end of your term (in addition to your 5% discount) if your group has good performance. Basically, if there have been no claims (or very little) within your group, you can get money back.

You really can’t beat an up-front 5% discount and a group dividend for positive loss ratio results. It’s worth asking about!

Safety plans can pay off.

Auto body repair shops and auto mechanics face many on-the-job hazards, from chemical burns to slip and fall accidents. With such risks, the likelihood of injury increases. The best way to lower your rates is to be careful when you’re on the job. That’s why we reward safe planning and smart habits by offering ways to save on workers’ comp insurance, without skimping on coverage quality.

We love good safety plans because they help keep our customers out of harm’s way. And avoiding accidents isn’t only good for our clients’ wellbeing, it’s good for their bank accounts, too. That’s why these discounts are in place — to reward (and incentivize) our best policyholders.

Drug-free Program

Lastly, if you lose the drugs you can save money on workers’ comp. Working in an auto body shop requires your full attention, which means making sure you and your service team are alert with steady hands. If you instill a drug free workplace program you could save money.

What does it require?

  • You must have a written statement regarding your policy against drug use in the workplace.
  • Employee education should be offered regarding alcohol and drug abuse.
  • You’ll need to note that any information obtained by testing will remain confidential.
  • It’s advised that assistance is made available through internal or external assistance programs, should an employee need help.

Already have workers’ comp?

We can still save you money. You have coverage, but do you have the best plan to fit your financial situation? Your insurance agent may not have taken the time to alert you to your eligible discounts, like scheduled credit, or even know about them at all.

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Don’t want to switch providers because you think you’re getting a good deal? Just because you have been a loyal customer, it doesn’t mean you’re benefiting from it financially — especially because workers’ comp rates vary between companies. The best way to find out is to shop quotes.

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