Insurance for nail technicians

We all know that when clients have the opportunity to get their nails done it improves their confidence and mood. Self-care is important, and heading to the nail salon is one way men and women like to pamper themselves.

What’s fun about going to a nail salon? Grabbing a coffee, picking out the polish color, and reading gossip magazines while relaxing. What’s not fun: When a client has an allergic reaction to the sugar scrub you used.

That’s why having the proper protection in place is very important for nail salons and nail technicians. While salons are known for their relaxing environments, that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. And when they do, you want to make sure you’re covered.

Types of nail tech insurance

While most beauty insurance policies make sense for those in the nail care industry, some are more applicable than others. General liability, professional liability, and commercial property insurance are a good place to start.

The amount paid to a client who’s leg had to be cut off after slicing their foot during a pedicure.
The number of mopeds you could buy instead.

Nail tech liability insurance

Professional liability insurance protects you from unhappy clients if they decide to sue you.  That could mean a client who says you were negligent, made a mistake, or failed to deliver a promised service. Anyone can decide to sue anyone for anything these days, which is why it’s good to protect yourself.

Professional liability benefits include covering:

  • Claims alleging you made a mistake
  • Claims you were negligent
  • Claims you did not meet professional standards

Let’s say your client comes in for a polish change, and ends up having an allergic reaction to the nail polish remover. Or worse, someone gets an infection from one of the tools you have used.

Even when something is somewhat not your fault or out of your control, you could be at fault. And your client might expect you to cover the doctor’s bill. Professional liability can cover these kinds of claims… That’s why it’s a great policy to have.

You might expect to pay an average of $37/month for nail tech professional liability. This amounts to $444/year.

General liability Insurance for nail techs

General liability protects you in the event of claim involving third-party bodily injury, property damage, libel, slander, and copyright infringement. Here are a few examples as to why GL is a great fit for those who work at a nail salon.

Third-party bodily injury: Remember when we mentioned the client taking a spill after slipping on the coffee spill? That’s right. If your client broke a wrist due to the fall, it could easily be a general liability claim, as you could technically be held liable.

Property damage: In some cases, finding a good storage spot for clients’ bags, jackets, and shoes can be difficult in tight spaces, like in the pedicure area. Let’s say your client’s designer handbag was right by the bowl, and the bottle of nail polish spills onto the bag, ruining the exterior. You would be responsible for replacement or repair costs. With general liability, these expenses would be covered.

Libel and slander: Having “problem clients” is normal, no matter your industry. But before you hit social media to vent, think twice. If your client finds that you were speaking poorly about them, or worse – putting it into writing – you could potentially face a lawsuit, and would have to cover the court costs if you don’t have the right policy.

Copyright infringement: Naming a business can be difficult, as can finding the perfect logo for your nail services. If someone believes your’s is too similar to theirs, they may attempt to sue you. With general liability, legal fees and settlements are taken care of.

Nail technicians pay an average of $25/month for general liability insurance, which is only $300/year!

Workers’ comp for nail technicians

Workers’ compensation insurance covers you if you or an employee gets hurt. If you don’t have it, you will be responsible for paying the medical bills.

Workers’ comp benefits include covering:

  • Work-related illness or injury
  • You or your employees’ medical bills
  • Lost wages

As an example, you get carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers’ comp would help cover that.

Without employees, nail techs can pay as little as $63/month for workers’ comp insurance.

Property insurance

Commercial property insurance specifically covers your business gear. It’s pretty impossible to work in a nail salon and perform your job without your essential tools and equipment. It protects your business property, like the building itself as well as the contents within it, from damages due to disaster, theft, vandalism, fire, and water.

Let’s say a pipe bursts in your salon, damaging most of your equipment. Most people aren’t able to repair or replace business property at the drop of a hat. Your policy would pay for losses based on either replacement cost or actual cash value.

Commercial property insurance for nail techs hovers around $30/month, averaging $360 annually.

Business Owner’s Policy

Need coverage but don’t want to break the bank? We’ve got a nice little insurance bundle that is the perfect fit for nail salons and nail techs. Business owner’s policies, or BOPs, package general liability and commercial property insurance into one policy. With a BOP, you get more coverage, and at a lesser price than purchasing each policy separately.

On average, nail techs pay $50/month for a BOP, which amounts to $600/year.

Additional insurance policies for nail techs

Business auto insurance is a type of auto insurance policy that is recommended when the business owns a vehicle.

Cyber insurance protects you against cyber attacks and helps cover any data recovery costs or lost income.

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