Do graphic designers need business insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you have one client or fifty, our advice is the same. Yes, you should purchase business insurance. Why? Because you’re a business.

What insurance coverages are best for graphic designers?

Professional liability and general liability insurance are in the top two, for sure. Professional, because you provide expert services, and general, because you never know what’s going to happen.

Professional liability for graphic designers

At it’s core, professional liability insurance protects you against unhappy clients. Yes, really. Even if an outcome is out of your control, your client may still hold you liable.

Professional liability protects you from the following:

  • Failure to deliver promised services: You assure your client you’ll have new marketing materials by the end of the month, but miss the deadline, causing them to lose money.
  • Professional errors: You advise your client to change their color palette and logo design, resulting in poor feedback from customers.
  • Negligent services: Your client claims your work is subpar compared with the rest of your industry.
  • Should you face a lawsuit, court costs and legal fees will be covered by this policy.
You could risk paying the median cost of a professional liability lawsuit.
Or you could get some tiny houses for you and your closest friends.

General liability for graphic designers

Though your line of work doesn’t typically fall under the category of “risky”, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still risks that graphic designers may face. General liability insurance is like a blanket of coverage for miscellaneous liabilities that occur when running a business.

Benefits include:

  • Personal/advertising injury: This, obviously, is very important for graphic designers. Should a client file a claim regarding false advertising, copyright infringement, slander, or libel, you’ll be covered.
  • Bodily injury: If you (or your employee) somehow cause someone to get hurt, medical costs will be covered. For instance, if your client’s assistant trips over your projector cord and fractures their wrist.
  • Property damage: You spill your matcha latte on your client’s computer, causing it to freak out. Repairs or replacement costs are covered with this policy.
  • Court costs and legal defenses are also included, should you face a lawsuit.

Additional insurance recommendations for graphic designers

  • Business property: Graphic designers rely on technology. Laptops, displays, and tablets aren’t cheap. This policy protects your commercial property in the event it gets damaged. Note: If you work from home, or keep your work gear at home, don’t rely on your homeowners policy to protect your items. Typically, that policy will only cover up to $500 in business property damage.
  • Inland marine: If you bring your commercial property to client meetings, or anywhere else that’s further than 500 feet away from your business premises, this policy will protect your items in transit.
  • Business auto: This policy extends coverage to vehicles owned by your business.

Want more coverage for less?

Why not consider a BOP, or business owner’s policy? This package combines general liability and business property insurance at a price that’s lower than buying each of the policies separately.

Interested in learning more? Talk to an agent or get a quote. It’s totally free– no hidden fees and no obligation. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll compare top insurers to save you time and money.