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Freelance: Get Over Your Fears and Take the Leap

Leaving a nice, salaried job can be scary, especially when it has cushy benefits that go along with it. It can be especially unsettling if you’ve got a family, kids and a house. People depend on you!

But if you really want to go freelance full-time, you’ll have to leave the security of a full-time job and get over your fears of going freelance.

Here are some common fears everyone has about freelancing.

Will going freelance be too risky?

Yes, it is risky to suddenly quit your 9-5 and go freelance without a plan.

But if you make a slow transition, you can build up a client base without taking on too much risk.

You’ll have to work hard, but you probably work hard already anyway. Just for someone else.

What if I fail as a freelancer?

You can’t let fear of failure hold you back. Self-doubt can be crippling, and it’s pretty much pointless. Consider the pros and cons of working for yourself and decide if this is the type of life you want and are willing to work for.

But don’t be held back by your fears alone.

What if I’m not good enough?

If you’re unsure of your skills, there’s only one solution: Learn more! Take a course from Skillshare or check out some YouTube videos.

Practice, practice, practice. Keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and tools for your profession. This is *completely* doable and in your control.

With enough dedication, you will be good enough.

However, you do need to realize that there will always be someone out there who is better than you. Don’t get discouraged by this.You only have to be better than most. The reality is that most of the world is mediocre, and they’re all getting paid just fine.

You can be better than mediocre.

What if I can’t pay my bills?

There is comfort in knowing you’ve got enough money in the bank to make it through the month, so figure out how much money you need to live on. That way, you’ll know exactly what it’s going to take to make it.

Sure, there are basic things like rent, insurance and food. But don’t forget about your bi-monthly massage or that $9 cold-pressed juice that helps you get through your Mondays. You could cut out these luxuries to save a buck or two, but remember– being happy is also important.

Understand that money might be tight when you’re starting out.

You may even need to dip into your savings. While that can be stressful, restricting yourself to ramen for the next two months is also bad for you. It’s worth it to allot some money for indulgences each month. You can spend it however you want until it’s gone and not feel bad about it.

The beauty and the curse is that having enough money is all up to you. You can choose more freedom or more money. Either way, just work like crazy to win business. Then, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

What about my cushy benefits?

It’s easy to forget to factor benefits into your budget, especially starting out. Benefits are something you typically don’t have to think about when you have a full-time job.

Make a plan as to how much money you need to dedicate to medical, dental and vision costs. Before you leave your job, set aside enough money to cover these things for a period of time.

Already have a good amount of money stashed away for benefits when you start out? Boom. That’s one less thing to worry about.

What if I can’t get any clients?

Most people are scared they won’t have enough work when they go freelance full-time, which is a legitimate fear. Clients aren’t just going to line up out the door when you start out – you have to work for it.

Cast a wide net and start reaching out to clients before you leave your job. Survey the land. Check the demand. Do this until you feel confident about leaving your 9-5. This is part of the freelance hustle! Also, it’s normal to kind of have to “take what you can get” for a little while (although it’s completely up to you).

What if I change my mind and can’t get another job?

There are lots of paid jobs in the world for qualified professionals. Don’t let the fear of getting another full-time job hold you back from going freelance.

It’s just a risk you’ll have to take. Have some confidence in yourself!

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What if I get rejected?

You’re not going to get rejected for every project you bid on. And if you do, it might be a sign that you need to pivot in another direction or find a new target audience.

There are plenty of projects you’re well suited for, so don’t take it personally if you don’t always win. It’s not the end of the world, and all freelancers have to deal with it.

Getting rejected is just part of selling yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What if I can’t handle the work?

Freelancing will be difficult. If it was easy, everyone would do it! Obviously, you’ll need to juggle your different project and clients, but be prepared to tackle the extra administrative things, such as taxes, marketing and negotiating contracts.

Ultimately, you just need to find that go-getter attitude and don’t let anything get in your way. You’ve got to be hungry.

What about the security of my full-time job?

It might feel more secure.

But is it always? How hard do you have to work to keep your job? Is there a chance you could suddenly be let go?

Freelancing isn’t necessarily less secure than a 9-5 in every single way.

Fly, baby bird, fly!

So, should you quit your job and go freelance? If you’ve got the guts, do it!

Starting a freelance career may seem like a lot of work, but don’t wait around just because you’re scared. If you’ve got the insane amount of determination and drive that it takes, you will make it happen!

With time, dedication, and persistence, you can do anything good.

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